Hello, I’m Kelly Whitaker! Before starting the blog, I was an accountant-turned-housewife of three beautiful children.

Besides the family, writing, cooking and traveling are my three main passions. I am blessed to have been able to incorporate all that I love into my daily life.

Family, cooking and exploring this great wide world keep me busy, along with writing regularly about my insights and experiences.

Cooking with my kids

The Story

Over time, I started sharing my cooking tips and tricks with other homemakers.

The response to my advice was so positive that I decided to create a location where I could consistently communicate my wisdom and discoveries. That location became this blog!

The Mission

  • To help readers develop their knowledge in the kitchen and abroad
  • To inspire confidence in readers to try new things
  • To provide readers with a fun, fresh perspective on cooking and traveling
  • To illuminate the joy and pleasure that cooking and traveling can bring
  • To offer valuable information on the following topics:
    • Recipes
    • Kitchen equipment/cooking gear reviews
    • Cooking tips and tricks
    • Traveling
    • And more!

Write for Us!

If you have a fresh perspective or exciting knowledge to share about cooking or traveling, please reach out to us via email: KellyWhitaker.Hello@gmail.com

We’d love to read your stories and experiences!

Kelly M. Whitaker

Beechwood Avenue, Newark, NJ 07102