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Also subscribe me to Chef Michael Mina's email list.
Also send me special offers from Cook Taste Eat's partners.
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About Us

We’re a group of chefs, food lovers and home cooks who have come together to make you better cooks and eaters. We suspect you’re a lot like us, desperate for a food site that gets how much you love good food, and that will reinvent the way you cook and eat.

That’s where Cook Taste Eat comes in. Sure, we love good recipes and we know how important they are for learning, but many recipes are missing the why — why this ingredient or that technique alters the texture or flavor of a dish. To truly learn, we need to see and do. We need instruction from skilled teachers. And we need inspiring dishes to help step up our culinary game.

Instead of feeding you recipes that you’ll follow blindly, we’ll teach you how to put together a complete meal and invite you to think about how ingredients and techniques contribute acidity, sweetness, spiciness or richness to a dish. Along the way you’ll learn how to select, taste, prepare and appreciate remarkable, balanced food and how to tackle meals you might not have thought you could do at home.

We created Cook Taste Eat to bring you accessible videos (for free!) from chefs whose food you admire and whose skills you assume are out of your reach. Surprise yourself!

Michael Mina

Michael Mina is the Co-Creator of Cook Taste Eat and the chef and founder (with Partner Andre Agassi) of Mina Group, which boasts 20 restaurants spanning across the U.S., including the one-star Michelin MICHAEL MINA in San Francisco and Las Vegas, as well as restaurants in the Four SeasonsSt. Regis, MGM Grand and Bellagio hotels. In 2011, MICHAEL MINA in San Francisco was named Restaurant of the Year by Esquire Magazine. Michael has appeared on the Cooking Channel’s “Food(ography),” NBC’s “TODAY” Show, CBS’s  ”The Early Show,” “Top Chef” and “Hell’s Kitchen.”


Tanya Melillo

Tanya Melillo is Co-Creator and CEO of Cook Taste Eat. She most recently launched Ram’s Gate winery in Sonoma, California. Before that she was a senior project manager at Monitor, consulting for companies in the U.S., Europe and Africa. She created and appeared in the pilot food show “Tanya Takes On” for The Food Network, in addition to starring in the PBS show “The Winemakers” and co hosting an online culinary show with Chef Rocco DiSpirito. She is a graduate of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, and holds a BA from Harvard University, as well as a degree from the California Culinary Academy.


Michelle Branch

Michelle Branch is Co-Host of Cook Taste Eat. In 2001, at the age of 18, her debut album, The Spirit Room, became a multi-platinum seller with three hit singles. A year later, Michelle and Carlos Santana recorded the Grammy Award-Winning single “The Game of Love.” In 2003, she released her platinum album Hotel Paper and in 2006 she created The Wreckers, launching their platinum album, Stand Still Look Pretty. In August of 2010 Branch released her six-song EP Everything Comes and Goes and is currently working on her next album. Aside from her music, she is an avid home cook and baker


Rajat Parr

Rajat Parr is the wine consultant for Cook Taste Eat and Wine Director for Mina Group. Parr earned a James Beard Award for best beverage book in 2011, “Secrets of the Sommeliers: How to Think and Drink Like the World’s Top Wine Professionals.” In addition to being a published author, he is also a winemaker. He began his career at Rubicon and brought his expertise to San Francisco’s Fifth Floor, which received a Grand Award from Wine Spectator. Parr’s wine list at RN74 was honored with the same award in 2010, less than a year after opening, making it the first restaurant to receive the Grand Award so quickly.